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Devils Food Fudge

Devils Food Cake Iced with Chocolate Butter Cream


French Vanilla, Vanilla

French Vanilla Cake with Butter Cream Icing,

topped with Sprinkles


Lemon Kiss

Lemon Cake Iced with Lemon Zest Butter Cream


Carrot Spice

Carrot Spice cake with Rum soaked

Raisins and Cream Cheese Icing


Coconut Dream

French Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Butter

Cream Icing and Fresh Coconut


Tropical Breeze

 Rum Cake with Crushed Pineapple Filling,

Butter Cream Icing and Fresh Coconut


Banana Rama

Yellow Cake with Fresh Bananas, Butter Cream

Icing and Sprinkled with Cinnamon



 Double Espresso infused Yellow Cake,

Mascarpone Cheese Filling, Italian Butter Cream

Icing dusted with Cocoa Powder


Marble Ripple Fudge

Marble Cake Iced with Chocolate Fudge Butter Cream


Orange Creamsicle

Orange Cake Iced with Orange Zest Butter Cream


Strawberry Sweet Cream

Strawberry Cake Iced with Strawberry Butter Cream


Red Velvet

 Southern Style Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Peanut Butter Fudge

Chocolate Cake Iced with Peanut Butter Butter Cream and  topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pieces

Butter Brickle

Yellow Cake Filled with Whipped Cream and Butter Brickle Candy, Iced with Vanilla Butter Cream , and Sprinkled with Butter Brickle Candies


Marble Cake Iced with Strawberry, Chocolate,

and Vanilla Butter Cream


Chocolate Mint

Devils Food Cake Iced with Cool

Mint Butter Cream


Cherries Jubilee

Cherry Cake Iced with Cherry Butter Cream

and a Maraschino Cherry on top


Banana Split

Banana Cake Iced with Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Butter Cream, topped with

Banana Chips, Peanuts, a Cherry, and drizzled with Chocolate Syrup


Salted Caramel

Chocolate Cake Iced with Caramel Butter Cream,

Topped with a Drizzle of Caramel and Sea Salt


German Chocolate

German Chocolate cake with Coconut, Pecan, Caramel Icing


Chocolate Espresso

Espresso infused Chocolate cake topped Chocolate Fudge


Oreo Cookie Cream

Chocolate cake Iced with Oreo Cookie Butter Cream



Pistachio cake Iced with Chocolate Fudge Butter Cream

and topped with Fresh Pistachios


Apple Spice

Spice cake with Apple Pie Filling, Vanilla

Butter Cream, and sprinkled with Cinnamon


Black Forest (Special Order)

Chocolate Cake with Cherry Filling and Italian Butter Cream


Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal)

Pumpkin Spice cake with Cream Cheese Icing


Chocolate Chip

Chocolate cake Iced with Mini Chocolate Chip Butter Craeam


*Not all favors will be available in the Bakery each week but can be specially ordered with a72 hour notice.

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